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Commercial Refrigeration

Receive new and used cool cases and refrigeration equipment when you purchase from our company. Our dedicated professionals work to make sure your specific needs are always satisfied.

At Remandco Refrigeration, ensuring your company has a refrigerating machine that’s efficient and affordable
is our number one priority. Call us at (855) 836-7134 for pricing details on our name-brand commercial

Learn more about receiving our refrigeration units and
equipment when you contact us in Elsie, Michigan.

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About Us

As a leading provider of refrigeration units and equipment, Remandco Refrigeration, based in Elsie, Michigan, takes pride in offering the best reconditioned refrigerated equipment on the market. We remanufacture refrigeration cases and provide unparalleled products and services for businesses nationwide. With more than 15 years of proven experience, we have positioned ourselves as a leading provider in our respective industry.